Icky TV of the week: 'Ghostly Lovers' on Travel Channel

We're frightened. Not because this one-hour special features ghosts — but because it features people who say they've had sexytime with ghosts.

Apparently this is called spectrophilia, "a sexual attraction to ghosts or engaging in sexual activity with a ghost or spirit." We refuse to believe that's a thing.

Really, think about it. Well, we guess it's romantic in a weird way to have an experience with a dead ex. Oh wait, no. It's freaking weird.

And we don't even want to think about what a "horny spirit" would do.

A final warning: This show actually re-creates three "jaw-dropping" spectrophilia experiences. It gives "bumps in the night" a new (disgusting) meaning. JORDAN BARTEL, B

Photo by Paramount. And no. the film "Ghost" isn't featured in "Ghostly Lovers." We think.