AT&T (iPhone) users: text to get free 1,000 rollover minutes!

Looks like competition is indeed good for the consumer once again:

Numerous online news sources are reporting that AT&T is giving away 1,000 free rollover minutes to certain iPhone customers (presumably those nearing the end of their contracts?) to keep them from switching to Verizon and its iPhone offering.


UPDATE:Some people are telling me that the offer is good for ALL AT&T customers.

But 9to5Mac, a Mac enthusiast website, discovered that any AT&T iPhone customer can take advantage of the free offer by responding to the text number. (I wonder if ANY AT&T customer can take advantage of this offer, not just iPhone users.)


Here's what you do:

1) In your number field, type in the number "11113020"

2) In the text field, type in "Yes"

Hit send and within seconds, you should get a prompt saying you're receiving 1000 bonus rollover minutes, after up to four weeks of processing time.

Thanks, AT&T!