Here's a look at what other media outlets are saying about the Ravens as they prepare for the NFL playoffs:

• NFL.com asked its writers to name one team no one wants to play in the NFL playoffs. Two of them pick the Ravens.


Elliot Harrison writes:

Many consider New England the Super Bowl favorite, but the Ravens destroyed the Patriots in last year's playoffs and took them deep into overtime at Gillette Stadium earlier this season.

Jason La Canfora adds:

They're playoff-tested, and they don't mind going on the road. Peyton Manning has had their number, and avoiding what appeared to be a likely wild-card meeting with the Colts already bodes well for them.

• Les Carpenter of Yahoo Sports discusses the Ravens wide receivers and their roles in the team's playoff berth.

The word hangs strange in a professional sports locker room of today.


Seriously? A group of the most prominent wide receivers in the NFL -- Derrick Mason, Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh -- have been placed together on the Baltimore Ravens and forced to give up dozens of their precious catches for the vague promise of what? Winning a Super Bowl? And they have done this without great complaint?

• Bucky Brooks of NFL.com writes about the Ravens' offensive focus in the final month of the season -- running back Ray Rice.

When the Baltimore Ravens substantially upgraded their offensive lineup with the additions of Anquan Boldin, Donte' Stallworth and T.J. Houshmandzadeh this past offseason, many expected the team rely on Joe Flacco and a dynamic aerial attack to spark a deep postseason run.

But after watching the Ravens alter their offensive approach during the final month of the season, it appears that coach John Harbaugh is putting the team's postseason fate in the hands of Ray Rice and a resurgent running game.

• Pro Football Weekly's Mike Wilkening says the Chiefs' firepower -- Kansas City's offense racked up at least 400 yards seven times this season -- heightens concerns that offensive inconsistency will again send the Ravens home early.

Remember when the concern was whether the Ravens could score enough to win playoff games? Well, those worries haven't completely gone away. The difference now is these Ravens have a more talented offense than in years past. It's a puzzling group, one tough to write off but clearly a unit still trying to hit its stride as the single-elimination games begin.


Oh to see the Baltimore Ravens in Gillette Stadium on Jan. 16. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs can't get Tom Brady off his mind.