Wanna win the AL East? Keep spatting with rival pitchers

A lot of you think the Orioles need to buy another big bat like Vladimir Guerrero to make up significant ground on the big boys of the AL East.

Others see such a young, inexperienced rotation and are pleading for a top-of-the-rotation starter in his prime.


Me? I say just maintain the plan that worked so well last year. Keep spatting with rival pitchers.

Remember in September when the Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays jawed at each other about the Orioles' allegedly throwing at Jose Bautista? Remember who was leading that cause for Toronto, the guy who said the Blue Jays would pay the Orioles back in 2011?


Shaun Marcum.

And what did the Blue Jays do to reward Marcum for that outburst? Dealt him this winter to the Milwaukee Brewers and the baseball purgatory known as the NL Central.

The Orioles had one other jawfest in 2010, when Orioles designated hitter Luke Scott and Tampa Bay Rays starter Matt Garza got into a holy war of words which included lessons on the bible and humility.

And today the Rays shipped Garza to the Chicago Cubs and -- you guessed it -- the NL Central.

Two arguments with the Orioles and, within months, those two guys are dealt out of the division.


Maybe, but maybe this whole Orioles bad karma thing for the past 13 years is starting to turn around. To test the theory, the Orioles need to get aggressive in 2011.

They need to sling fat jokes at CC Sabathia, needle A.J. Burnett with tattoo barbs, chant "over-rated" at David Price and just absolutely rip Josh Beckett and his goofy necklace -- I mean, think Bob Gibson would have been caught on a mound with jewelry, Joshy?


Any good AL East pitcher is fair game. Rip them, Orioles, and watch them head next offseason to Pittsburgh or Houston. Pretty soon, the East will be a division for the taking.

It's just a theory, but it should cost a lot less than an established DH.

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