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Q&A with Pauly D

DJ Pauly D on the Polar Bear Plunge, Joe Flacco and why Sammi's a b@$%#



DJ Pauly D, of "Jersey Shore" fame, will be spinning records at this Saturday's Polar Bear Plunge, which raises money for Special Olympics. Pauly was supposed to call us for a morning interview, but apparently overslept. We caught up with him later in the afternoon.

B: Late night last night?


Pauly: It's always a late night.

B: How did you get involved with the Special Olympics?

P: I've always been a fan of this. I always wanted to do my part in it. I got asked to DJ it and I was flattered. So right away, I said, 'Absolutely. Sign me up.' I'm happy to do it. Special Olympics is a great charity. And I get to do what I love to do. And the fact that it benefits the Special Olympics is even better.

B: Now, I've heard that you're not actually going to get in the water, and some people have started a Facebook page to try to get you to jump in. What do you have to say to them?

P: I think It's great but I have to fulfill my duties as a DJ. And keep these people energized and pumped to get in that water. I'm going to be the DJ, keep everyone amped up to jump in that water. Maybe next year, get someone else to DJ and then I'll jump in.

B: The Washington Capitals have used your song, "Beat Dat Beat," as their unofficial victory anthem. Have you seen that?

P: Yes, it's the awesomest thing. It's probably the best thing that ever happened to me. For the whole team to get together and that song pumps them up. It's their locker room winning song. When I seen it, I couldn't believe it. That's what's up. Beat that beat up.

B: Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (who is jumping in the water Saturday) is a Jersey guy and dressed up as Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino for Halloween. Do you think he has "Jersey Shore" cred?


P: He's from Jersey and he's a part of us, so he has "Jersey Shore" cred. But the only way to really tell is to put him in the show with us and see if he can survive. Cause everyone says they can survive but we gotta see him in the house. Maybe next summer we'll take him along and put him in the house.

B: You're getting a new show, "Pauly's World." Will the new show have any footage from this event?

P: I dunno. There's always cameras all around and I never know what footage is going to be used for what. But it will be spectacular. That's all I do know. I watched myself on TV and I just realized I'm funny.

B: You just realized that? Don't you think that's one of the big appeals of the show is that you guys are funny? You're sayings like "It's T-shirt time"?

P: I didn't realize it. I never even knew that T-shirt time was going to stand out. When you're in the house with everyone, I like to be loud and yell. I guess it stuck in the house and now we're sticking it to the world.

B: I mean, even I say that when I go out now. [deadpan]


P: [laughter] Yo, that's great. See what I mean?

B: There are a lot of reality shows out there. Why do you think "The Jersey Shore" has gotten so big when others haven't?

P: It's different from every other show. It appeals to a lot of people that live that life. Then there's people who never even heard of it. And they think that we're us like an endangered species. So they watch it to see what the hell we are. I guess it appeals to both world. And we keep it entertaining. And of course there's drama. People love drama. It's real. And there's no scripts. You're watching a real show. There's no fakeness to it.

B: Who would you say the biggest bitch the show is?

P: I love everybody, but if you watch, Sammi is pretty bitchy.

B: Why do you think she acts like that?


P: I try to put myself in everyone else's shoes. Could you image meeting somebody for the first time and immediately living together, being boyfriend and girlfriend, them cheating on you? It's a lot for somebody. I do give her a little bit of the benefit of the doubt. But I just don't act like that.

B: We heard you were recently mobbed by thousands of college students in Rhode Island?

P: My home state is really small. People flock to me when I go places. I wasn't expecting that. It was a low-key night. I went to go visit a friend at a college. One thing led to another. One person sees me. They let somebody else know. It's on Facebook. Long story short: There was like a couple thousand people that were trying to get into this dorm room, so I had to get my security to get me out of there.

B: Are girls just coming up to you all the time?

P: Yeah, but it's not bad. It was like that before the show.

B: How much hair gel do you use?


P: I don't use a lot. It's just the fact that it's so strong. It's so potent.

B: How many tattoos do you have?

P: I have eight tattoos. My favorite one is my rest in peace tattoo for my buddy Billy, who's my best friend who passed away on a motorcycle. It's the only tattoo that I have that has real meaning.

B: What should people expect from you at the Polar Bear Plunge?

P: Just get ready for a really good time. There's going to be fist pumping in and out of that water the whole entire time I'm there. I'm looking forward to it.

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