Baltimore Sun

Need more snow? Go west

By this date last year, BWI-Marshall Airport had already recorded 21.9 inches of snow, beating the annual average for Baltimore. This year we've seen just 3.5 inches. What a difference a year, and maybe a La Nina can make.

If that's a disappointment to you, you can fix things simply by hopping in your car and driving out to Garrett County. After 10 or 12 feet of snow last winter, those hardy folks are looking at an unbroken line of snowflake icons on their 7-day forecast. Moisture off Lakes Michigan and Erie, coupled with persistent winds from the northwest, are producing a more or less steady fall of snow this week.

The WISP Resort in McHenry has measured 102 inches of snow so far this season, including the 30 inches they've received this week. All the trails are open and there's plenty of winter to go around out there. Garrett County was under a Winter Storm Warning until 11 a.m. today, with another 1 to 3 inches of snow due, and sub-zero wind chills. Snow showers and flurries are likely to continue.

Pretty much the same forecast - snow chances and sub-freezing cold - will hold for Pittsburgh, too, as the Ravens head out there Saturday for the divisional playoff game.


If you're happy we haven't seen a big snowfall yet in Baltimore, and no desire to seek more, you'll be okay with the forecast for Central Maryland.

Aside from a chance for flurries Friday morning as a small disturbance rolls off the Great Lakes and across the area, the trends point to some warming - into the low 40s by Tuesday - and maybe some rain by early next week.


For now, it will remain about 10 degrees below the seasonal norms, with overnight lows in the teens. Baltimore City Public Works officials say it's a good time to think about protecting your pipes from freezing damage, and your home from a wet mess. Here are some tipes from the DPW. 

Meanwhile, residents of the Southland and New England continue to dig out. Here's a pretty cool satellite shot of the snow in the Deep South.