Question: With the addition of William “Pete” Welch to the City Council, fully one-third of council members have:

A. A criminal record

B. Membership in a dubious political dynasty


C. A diploma from Loyola High School

The answer is C (but the criminal numbers are subject to change).

Five of the council's 15 members are Dons: Welch (class of 1972), Bobby Curran and Carl Stokes (both class of '68), Bill Henry (class of '86) and Bill Cole (class of '90).

"We have enough for our own committee," Curran said.

Does that mean the Jesuits in general and Loyola in particular can take credit (or blame) for council doings?

"We are pleased to see graduates of Loyola Blakefield serving their community," said the Rev. Thomas A. Pesci, president of what is now Loyola Blakefield High School. "Part of the tradition of Jesuit education is a dedication to instilling passion to serve others and to embrace leadership roles."

William "Pete" Welch and his mother, then-Councilwoman Agnes Welch, at an Artscape VIP party in July. Photo by Colby Ware, special to The Sun