John Waters owned the best part of "Saturday Night Live." All the Sunday headlines went to the flat "surprise" appearance of Mark Zuckerberg next to guest host Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Zuckerberg in "The Social Network," and Andy Samberg, who sort of plays him, too. The night's one knockout, though, was a wild Lonely Island digital short: a crazy-funny video for a new dance called "The Creep."

Who did the Lonely Islanders tap to introduce it?


"Hi, I'm John Waters," said the smiling face from a video monitor, mugging, hilariously, like an old horror-show host. "And this is the Creep."

The Lonely Island trio -- Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone -- went on to feed Watersmania. They paid homage to Waters by sporting natty slim suits and pencil mustaches. They put over an engaging spasmodic rap -- with lines like: "When the judge is a hottie/And you can't control your body/Do the Creep!" -- and had fun creeping out everybody with moves like strung-out marionettes.

When Nicki Minaj joined them for verses like "get your knees flexing and your arms T-Rexing," the number topped itself. Then the camera drifted back to Waters' video monitor, where he was saying "Don't forget to smile." Who could forget? This song-and-dance killed.

Waters kindly answered questions about "The Creep" the next day.

What led to your appearance in "The Creep?"

I always get a lot of weird offers and sometimes I take them, especially if it's a chance to cross over to a big audience and a young audience. I was in San Francisco when I got the offer. They sent the song, and I loved it, and they said they were fans. They told me who they were, and sent links to their work – I'd already seen a lot of it and liked it.

I like the politics of the song. It says it's fun to be creepy!

It all happened weirdly and quickly; I think I had the flu the whole time. I did it in San Francisco and then was home in Baltimore watching it live and I was surprised and thrilled. They sent me a lovely bottle of wine from a local wine guy – not wire wine. They took some care to get it from a Baltimore wine-seller.

When did you know how much of your look they were going to use?

I don't know how much of it was planned before I did the audio. I did the audio first, then they asked me to do the video – I actually had to lip-synch my lines. They may have told me something more about it, but when I was home last night with the flu, watching it live, I was surprised. I wasn't offended. I really liked it. I was in on it! I know my mustache is creepy to some people, but it's creepy in a positive way. Do you think your appearance as the crazy shrink in "Hairspray" had anything to do with "The Creep?"

Don't reach too far with this! I did have a character called the Creep in "Hairspray." He was a minor character who asks Penny to dance, tries to make out with her, then dumps her. He was a bad creep. He was played by a Baltimore boy [Jeff Vespa], who went on to found WireImage, one of the biggest photo agencies. He directed a short that played at the Maryland Film Festival. Whenever I see him I always call him the Creep -- jokingly, positively!

You're a fan of novelty numbers like "Monster Mash." Is that part of the reason you like "The Creep?"

It's a really good dance and I hope people start doing it. I like novelty songs – they're all through my movies – and I like rap. Maybe that's why I really liked it. A novelty rap song – a new genre!