CNN's John Roberts joins Fox News

Long-time CBS News and recent CNN anchor John Roberts will join Fox News as a national correspondent, the top-rated cable channel announced today.

Michael Clemente, senior vice president of news editorial for Fox, said Roberts will be the channel's senior national correspondent.


"We are excited to welcome John to FOX News — his reputation as a skilled journalist with years of notable experience in the field will be a valuable addition to our news programming," Clemente said in statement issued Monday.

Roberts had been co-anchor of CNN's American Morning from 2007 until last month when the  struggling cable channel announced a change in its morning team. Roberts had also served as national correspondent at CNN.

Prior to joining CNN in 2006, Roberts worked for 14 years at CBS News, and was considered the heir apparent to replace Dan Rather as lead anchor when Rather retired.

But all such plans blew up in the wake of a report by Rather about George W. Bush's military record that was based on documents neither Rather nor CBS News were able to authenticate when they were challenged. Rather himself was forced into an early retirement from the network, and CBS News has yet to fully recover.

During his time at CBS News, Roberts also served at chief White House correspondent, generally considered the top beat at what was then a very good broadcast news division.

Getting someone who is a strong enough reporter to cover the White House, as well as a skilled enough anchor to do a nightly network newscast, seems like a wise move for Fox News. The channel doesn't need more ratings magnets -- it has all of them any cable channel needs right now. What Fox needs to do is continue to add journalistic strength and depth as it did in October with Juan Williams.

It is going to be hard for Fox critics to label someone with a track record like the one Roberts has compiled in TV news as an ideologue.