Chad Ochocinco vs. Marvin Lewis just one of several sports feuds that should be settled in the ring

Looking for some mainstream publicity, TNA announced on Wednesday that it was offering to host a steel cage match between mercurial Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and the team's head coach, Marvin Lewis, at April's Lockdown pay-per-view.

The stunt came about after Ochocinco tweeted earlier in the week that he wanted to settle his public feud with Lewis in a cage match.


Ochocinco was being facetious, of course, and so is TNA. But the proposed match got me to thinking about some other feuds between sports figures that I'd like to see settled in the squared circle.

Here are four of them:

Dan Gilbert vs. LeBron James vs. in a Cleveland Street Fight: Unlike traditional loser leaves town matches, the winner of this contest between the Cleveland Cavaliers owner and the Miami Heat star gets to skip town and never come back, while the loser must spend the rest of his life in the Mistake by the Lake. Realizing how high the stakes are, Gilbert would probably back out of the match and opt to write James a strongly worded letter instead.

Rex Ryan vs. Wes Welker in a Kiss My Foot Match: After the New York Jets head coach was involved in a much-publicized foot-fetish flap, the New England Patriots wide receiver made a bunch of not-so-subtle references to toes and feet leading up to the playoff game between the two teams. Given Ryan's alleged foot fascination, my guess is that he would lose the match on purpose just so he could get up close and personal with Welker's tootsies. So much for tasting the agony of de-feet.

Mark McGwire vs. Jose Canseco in a Syringe on a Pole Match: The first one of these former baseball hulks to climb the pole, grab the syringe and stick it in the butt-cheek of his opponent would be declared the winner. This battle of the Bash Brothers – who were once teammates and friends but later became estranged in the wake of Canseco's tell-all book about performance-enhancing drugs – would definitely have to take place in TNA, where pole matches are a specialty, drug testing doesn't seem to be stringent and guys well past their prime always have a home. It would be a tough match to promote, however, as whenever McGwire would be asked to cut a promo, his response would always be the same: "I'm not here to talk about the past."

Caroline Wozniacki vs. Maria Sharapova in a Bra and Panties Match: OK, so these tennis stars aren't really feuding with each other, but it's still a match I'd pay money to see. Is that so wrong?

Photos by the Associated Press and Getty Images