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Brother says police overreacted in club shooting

Police are not confirming the identities of the officer or the civilian killed early this morning outside Select Lounge, so we won't have much more about the officer tonight. 

But relatives of Sean Gamble, the 22-year-old killed in the incident, are speaking out and say police recklessly fired into a crowd after a fellow officer pulled a gun.

James Gamble, 24, was at the club with his brother and said the officer, who he believed was off-duty, had been aggressive toward a woman. His brother started arguing with the officer, and the argument escalated, Gamble said. He said a group of uniformed officers then began firing on the crowd when the plainclothes officer reached for his service weapon.


Police say the officer, William H. Torbit Jr., had lost his badge in the altercation. 

"It was a crazy scene," James Gamble said. "They let off a good 20 shots, maybe six of them. They were just shooting."


[Photo courtesy Baltimore Saints via Facebook]

James Gamble said the shots sent people running in every direction, and he located his brother under the wheel of a vehicle. He had been shot in the chest. James Gamble and dozens of others, meanwhile, were detained for questioning. 
Corey Brown, 31, who said he is Sean Gamble's godbrother, said early Sunday that Sean Gamble had a young child and was engaged to be married. He worked for a waste management company and had no criminal record.
"He's not a violent kid — he's not in the streets," said Brown, who was not at the club Sunday. "He's not even cut from that cloth.