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Bob and Kendel Ehrlich said to be shopping radio show around

Less than a week after WBAL Radio said Kendel Ehrlich was leaving the station to spend more time at her kids' sporting events, she and former Gov. Bob Ehrlich were said to be shopping their radio show around.

Maybe the Ehrlichs found life on the sidelines wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

The Ehrlichs and longtime aide Greg Massoni were at WCBM Thursday to talk about doing a show there, a source tells me. I called the AM talk station Friday afternoon and told General Manager Bob Pettit what I'd heard. Pettit neither confirmed nor denied the account.


"Where'd you hear that?" was his response.

He then added: "We'd love to have them here. They're great people."


My colleague David Zurawik reported last week that Kendel Ehrlich was leaving WBAL. Station officials told him her exit was unrelated to WBAL-TV's Jayne Miller's pressing Bob Ehrlich for comment on deceptive Election Day robocalls made on his behalf.

WBAL officials said Kendel Ehrlich "was making the move in an effort to spend more time at Saturday sports events involving her family," Zurawik reported.

I tried to reach the Ehrlichs through Massoni but did not hear back from him right away. If he calls back, I'll update this post.

Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam