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Another guest post -- 13 favorite vegetarian items on Baltimore menus

And you thought he was just an indispensable film programmer. Eric Allen Hatch, director of programming at the Maryland Film Festival, is also a vegetarian man about town. He posted the following on his facebook page. With his permission, I am posting it here.

What are your favorite vegetarian dishes around town?

Update -- a few of Eric's Facebook correspondents mentioned Yabba Pot, as did a commenter below. There was some back-and-forth over on that thread, with at least a few comments praising the new Yabba Pot ownership. But, for sure, there was a time when you would go to Yabba Pat and end up losing your mind because it was just sooooo slow, and slow in that inexplicable way that makes you scream inside your head, "WHAT IS GOING ON!?!" -- good to hear it's back in good form. -- RG


Here's Eric:

I put this together recently at a friend's request and thought I'd open it up for suggestions and debate.   


I'm not including a few awesome places in the burbs, most notably Great Sage, Mr. Chan's, and Mango Grove, as well as restaurants w/ rotating seasonal veggie options such as Woodberry Kitchen; I wanted this to be a list of dependably great year-round options within the city limits.

R.I.P. to eternal favorites "I Got the Hook-Up Rastarant" and Silk Road Café.

1) Nam Kang – Dol bab. They'll hold the beef and make it vegan (w/ tofu) or vegetarian (tofu and egg). Come with a group and enjoy the mountains of free appetizers.

2) Liquid Earth – The Liquid Earth club w/ hippy lippy smoothie. No other meal in town leaves me feeling as fresh and healthy afterwards

3) Mekong Delta  – Vegetarian noodle soup; basically veggie pho and devastatingly delicious

4) Minato – Lunch bento box: shiitake w/ avocado roll, seaweed salad, hot tofu (hold the fish flakes)

5) Dukem – Vegetarian dinner special w/ Hakim beer; their largest veggie special is the most varied Ethiopian spread I've seen

6) Soup's On -- Eggplant/red pepper/arugula sandwich


7) Rocket to Venus – Banh mi sandwich w/ tofu

8) One World Cafe – Tempeh reuben


– Atzlan open-faced sandwich.

10) Golden West Cafe – Aztec burrito.

11) Thai Restaurant – Masaman curry w/ tofu.


12) Carma's Cafe – Icelandic yogurt w/ granola.

EDIT: Lucky 13 -- how could I forget the veggie aushak and veggie matwo at The Helmand (not to mention that pumpkin appetizer)?

Baltimore Sun photo/Algerina Perna