A new Discover Financial Services poll finds that regifting is not in this holiday season.

When the country was in the throws of a depression and people were pinching pennies they were rewrapping gifts meant for themselves and giving them to somebody else.


Consumers are still cautious but not so much so that they have to recycle gifts. Only 6 percent of consumers will regift this year, down from 17 percent last year.

Thank goodness.

I personally find regifting tacky. Why would someone else want a gift I didn't want? And if somebody means enough to you to buy a gift, then take the time to pick out something meant for them.

All you fans of regifting are probably up in arms right now. I've heard the arguments before. It's envrionmentally friendly and someone else might actually appreciate the gift. What is the saying, "one person's trash is someone else's treasure."

I say, if you don't want to waste the unwanted gift, give it to a charity. How would you really feel if you got a gift and found out it was a hand me down?

The pro regifters will argue that if you avoid regifting in the same circle of friends nobody will ever know. I say who wants to go through all that hassle of trying to avoid the person knowing you're regifting. If you have to hide it, something is wrong.

But that is just my opinion.

There are plenty of people who regift and people have even come up with rules for the practice.

What do you guys think about regifting? Take our poll and tell us your thoughts.