Prediction Friday: Ravens-Steelers and who's on first for O's?

Welcome to Prediction Friday, and what a great one it is.

It's my birthday, and, yeah, I really appreciated the gift from you. Thanks.


I am celebrating my, ahem, early 40s by seeing one of my favorite acts, Langhorne Slim, in concert tonight. He'll be playing in Baltimore on Saturday at the Ottobar (great place; better joint than this one) on North Howard Street. If you love live music and a performer with great stage presence, you can't go wrong with Langhorne.

But another tremendous music recommendation from the barkeep is not why you are here. I've been on fire with my Ravens' predictions lately and you need to know what I am thinking going into Sunday night against those rival Pittsburgh Steelers.


It should be as good as advertised. And – I am not just playing up to the crowd here – I see the Ravens winning, 23-20 in another bruisefest. Ed Reed is my player of the game with an interception and a fumble recovery. One goes for a touchdown.

Now, I want your predictions.

For those of you who have never done this before, it's simple: Predict a winner, score and player of the game (tiebreaker) and I'll come back on Monday and shower the winners with genuine praise and fake gifts.

For those of you who are Steelers fans and came in here just to stir things up, I typed the above paragraph slowly. Hope you understood it. Haha, just kidding, Steelers fans. As always, you are welcome here; that's why we ordered extra Iron City (and jacked up the price on that swill for the week). Please make yourself at home and make a prediction. Even if it is a wrong one (again, kidding).

For those of you who prefer being warmed by my endless hot-stove talk, I've got one more question for you before I head to the winter meetings in Florida on Sunday. The Orioles have struck out on Victor Martinez and Adam Dunn as first base options and Paul Konerko seems to be a longshot.

So if those three are off the board, who do you think will be at first base for the Orioles in 2011?

I know, given what's left – Carlos Pena, Adam LaRoche, Derrek Lee, Lyle Overbay, Lance Berkman, Jorge Cantu -- you may want to say Adrian Gonzalez or Prince Fielder, but I don't think either will happen.

So try to be realistic, unless you just can't handle that reality. In that case, I'll let you dream. You can offer up who you want, instead. It's my birthday, I am feeling charitable.


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