Orioles' first base options: Willingham?

Mark Reynolds is the Orioles' new third baseman, but there's still a sizable hole at first base.

Who fills it?


The candidates can get in line.

Here's a name for you: Josh Willingham, whom the Washington Nationals would consider moving. The Orioles have had internal discussions about the 31-year-old outfielder. He has played three games in his career at first base, so it's not like he's never done it.


He also would be a potential fit in left field if the Orioles did something with penciled-in incumbents Felix Pie and Nolan Reimold.

The Orioles would prefer to have an above-average defender at first base.

Carlos Pena, Derrek Lee and Adam LaRoche have had that reputation in the past -- if not now -- but Lee doesn't appear to be overwhelmed with playing for a last-place team in the East and Pena looks to have several options, if you believe the rumors swirling.

Another option is bringing back Ty Wigginton and letting him play some first. Many of you want to know whether Wigginton will return, and president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail was asked about that possibility now that Reynolds is in the fold.

"I wouldn't say that eliminates him," MacPhail said about Wigginton. "Less playing time at third is a likely possibility but it certainly doesn't eliminate him."

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