Miller announces new committee assignments

Sen. President Thomas V. Mike Miller just put out the list new assignments for four of the body's six committees.

As was widely rumored, the powerful Budget and Taxation committee shrank from 15 to 13. The pain was blunted by the fact that one member retired and another was not re-elected. Also Sen. Robert Zirkin moved off the committee on to the Judicial Proceedings panel and replaced by Sen. Richard Colburn.

Baltimore's Nathaniel McFadden moved up to Vice Chair of B&T. As previously announced, Sen. Edward Kasemeyer will chair the committee. He replaces Sen. Ulysses Currie who was indicted on bribery charges. Currie will remain a member of the panel.

Newcomer Bill Ferguson of Baltimore will be on the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs committee, which fits with his background as a teacher and staffer in Baltimore's school system.

That committee also underwent significant change -- five of its members are unchanged. Their work will be watched closely, as the committee has jurisdiction over the high-profile issue of potentially legalizing wine shipments directly to consumers.

See new committee assignments for B&T, Education, Finance and JPR after the jump. Memberships for the Rules committee and Executive Nominations panel haven't yet been announced.  

* New to the committee
** New to the senate and the committee

Budget and Taxation
Edward J. Kasemeyer, Chair
Nathaniel J. McFadden, Vice-Chair
David R. Brinkley
*Richard F. Colburn (Moved from Education)
Ulysses Currie
James E. DeGrange, Sr.
George C. Edwards
Verna L. Jones
Nancy J. King
Richard S. Madaleno, Jr.
**Roger Manno
Douglas J.J. Peters
James N. Robey  

Education, Health and Environmental Affairs
Joan Carter Conway, Chair
Roy P. Dyson, Vice-Chair
**Joanne C. Benson
**Bill Ferguson
**J.B. Jennings
**Karen S. Montgomery
Paul G. Pinsky
Edward R. Reilly
James C. Rosapepe
*Bryan W. Simonaire (Moved from JPR)
**Ronald N. Young

Thomas M. Middleton, Chair
John C. Astle, Vice-Chair
Robert J. Garagiola
Barry Glassman
Delores G. Kelley
Allan H. Kittleman
Katherine A. Klausmeier
**James N. Mathias, Jr.
*C. Anthony Muse (moved from JPR)
E.J. Pipkin
Catherine E. Pugh

Judicial Proceedings
Brian E. Frosh, Chair
Lisa A. Gladden, Vice-Chair
James Brochin
**Joseph M. Getty
Jennie M. Forehand
Nancy Jacobs
Jamin B. (Jamie) Raskin
Norman R. Stone, Jr.
*Robert A. (Bobby) Zirkin (moved from B&T)
**Victor R. Ramirez
**Christopher B. Shank