Boras on Fielder, Beltre, Millwood

Super agent Scott Boras held court after the Carlos Pena press conference and I threw in a few Orioles' questions. The answers weren't exactly crystal clear, but you will get the picture.

Boras repeatedly was asked about Prince Fielder, the Milwaukee Brewers slugger who is a free agent at the end of 2011. The Brewers have at least spoken to some teams about Fielder, and that includes the Orioles.


The Orioles probably aren't willing to give up the prospects' package it would take to get Fielder, if he were available. Even if they were willing, they may not have the prospects. But if they did, they'd likely want to talk a contract extension with Fielder before making such a deal.

Boras was asked if Fielder would be interested in such a negotiating window.


"Prince is under contract with the Brewers, I don't talk about (those things)," Boras said. "If the Brewers, under their contractual rights, are going to come forward and address that, that's something I'd have to talk to Prince about at that time."

Boras isn't naming a price tag, but it's not going to be cheap for a guy who is in his mid-20s and has light-tower power.

"When you have power, teams are going to aggressively pursue you and do so with immediacy," Boras said. "One thing I hear is that anyone in this game that hits 25 home runs and plays defense, you have extreme value."

One player Boras represents that is still on the board this offseason is third baseman Adrian Beltre. The Orioles covet Beltre, but it's long believed that he has no desire to come to Baltimore. Boras freely admitted that he has told some teams this week that Beltre was not interested. And, for sure, that was the message the Orioles received last year from Beltre's camp.

When asked specifically if the Orioles were one of the teams Boras has told, "Thanks, but no thanks," the agent said: "That is something I would let every general manager comment on if they will, but there were a number of teams, when they came to us, we let them know that was not an environment we wanted to go into. If their general managers want to address that, I'll let them do that."

Boras also represents Kevin Millwood, a free agent who pitched for the Orioles last season.

"Millwood, certainly here at these meetings, the interest level for him has risen and we've got multiple teams that are now looking at him," Boras said.

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