2011 looking forward: New and returning TV

Fire up your remote. There are some very nice TV choices in store for the new year. Here's our rundown of some not-to-miss shows in 2011. JORDAN BARTEL, B

"Lights Out" (Jan. 11, FX)
Holt McCallany ("CSI: Miami") stars as an aging former heavyweight boxer struggling in retirement. Looks equal parts "Sopranos" and "Raging Bull." (left)

"Mr. Sunshine" (Feb. 9, WMAR/ABC)
Matthew Perry's post-"Friends" gigs have been
suspect. But this comedy, in which Perry plays a San Diego sports arena manager, seems to be a wiser move.

"The Killing" (March, AMC)
Hopes are high for this drama about the murder of a Seattle girl. Crime-mystery sagas are risky, but if any one can pull it off, it's AMC.

"Body of Proof" (March 29, ABC)
OK, so it seems as though this is yet another procedural about a medical examiner. And it stars Dana Delany. But we'll watch anything with a "Wire" alum involved, especially if it's Baltimore resident Sonja Sohn.



"American Idol" (Jan. 19, WBFF/Fox)

The previews with new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler actually make this season seem invigorated. We’ll see.



"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (HBO)

Much about Season 8 is a mystery — including its premiere date. But we’re excited about Larry David going back to New York. As far as the rumors that this is the final season? We’re prettay, prettay, prettay bummed.

"True Blood" (Summer, HBO)

Season 3 was hit-or-miss, but we’re still addicted to this hot-boiled water-cooler supernatural dramedy, so bring on a fourth installment.

"The Walking Dead" (Fall, AMC)

The phenomenon returns for more zombie-lurching.


"Teen Mom 2" (Jan. 11, MTV)

Will we be as addicted to this new batch of young moms as we are to the originals? We don’t even know why we’re questioning that.

"America's Next Great Restaurant" (March 16, NBC)

Here we have a trifecta of TV goodness: competition, food and Bobby Flay as a mentor/judge.


"The Real World" (early 2011)

Season 25 brings the show back to Las Vegas (and we’re assuming less New Orleans season-style volunteering, more hot-tubbing). There are two cast members from Maryland.

"The Glee Project" (June, Oxygen)

Yes, more “Glee.” In the form of a show where people compete for a multi-episode guest role on the Fox series. We’re trying to come up with a drinking game for it.

Jordan Bartel is assistant editor at b. Contact him at jordan@bthesite.com or follow him on Twitter, @jordanbartel.

Photos by FX ("Lights Out") and Fox ("American Idol")

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