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Weekly Specials -- phase one complete

All of the weekly specials I know about are here. Bookmark it, or just know to enter weekly dining specials in the Find Local* search box. It's simple to sort them by day of the week -- look for the sort box just above the map.

Sunday -- enter Sunday Dining Special

Monday -- enter Monday Dining Special


Tuesday -- enter Tuesday Dining Special

Wednesday -- enter Wednesday Dining Special


Thursday -- enter Thursday Dining Special

* what is Find Local? It's the name we use for the Baltimore Sun's database for searching and venues. So, when I say here that I'm putting information in Find Local, that's what I'm referring to. You can get to the Find Local search box from almost anywhere on the Baltimore Sun website. Let me know if you have trouble finding it, though, and I'll pass your comments along.

In Phase Two, I'll be working with our Find Local maven Rebecca Hyler to build a more attractive presence for the Weekly Dining Specials. And then we'll be looking for ways to possibly incorporate the listings on the Dining@Large page.

And, of course, I'll be adding in new weekly specials as I hear about them.

And, of course, you'll be telling me about the typos and misdirects I've managed to include here. In fact, please do.

I know that other sites include versions of this. But I really like seeing them in a simple list form, broken down by day.

Baltimore Sun photo/Barbara Haddock Taylor