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Twinkie diet helps man lose weight

A diet of Twinkies and other snack foods helped a college professor lose so much weight over a couple of months that he went from being overweight to being normal.

Many media outlets have reported about this. Here's CNN's take.

But nutritionists say while he lost weight by lowering his caloric intake, they say there are tradeoffs. Nutritionists have long said that the amount of calories matters more than the kind of diet.


While the professor lost weight, and even improved other numbers such as cholesterol -- atttributed to the weight loss and not the diet -- he may have put his health at risk for other problems such as cancer and other problems. No one was recommending the diet.

But could this really be a strong message that there is no one diet right for everyone. The right one is the one that helps you cut calories. What works for you?