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The joys of walking out of Dogtooth -- a seat at Tapas Teatro's bar

I love the feeling of walking out of a movie early. It's exhilarating, a heady mixture of having been liberated from an obligation and of thinking myself the luckiest and smartest boy in the room for having done so. And all while still supporting independent and challenging foreign cinema!!

So, when Dogtooth had exhausted itself and me, after about an hour, I skipped out of there.


(Michael Sragow sums it ups so well for me. I'm glad Dogtooth is at the Charles, but last night, I really would have preferred to have seen a movie.)

But what  made it even nicer last night was being able to skip right next door to Tapas Teatro, where there was a space at the bar, just for me to sit and wait for the friends who I had left behind.

At Tapas, I ran into people I hadn't seen in years. I listened to a friend reminisce about his favorite restaurant ever;another friend walked over and fed me a sardine that she needed me to taste it was so good.


I'll post later about the lovely little appetizer I had at Tapas Teatro. I forgot to write it down and I'm sure I'll spell something wrong.

Sunday, 10:30 a.m. -- ok, so that lovely little appetizer that made me so happy featured slices of  Catalan-style dried salami named Salchichon de Vic -- listen, toss black peppercorns in some cured beef, and I'm happy. It was served with some buttery toast and pickled Guindilla peppers. 

2001 photo by Michelle Gienow/special to the Baltimore Sun