Now that the AL Rookie of the Year voting is out of the way, there is only one award left that could result in an Oriole getting a mention.

The 2010 AL and NL Managers of the Year, as selected by the Baseball Writers Association of America, will be announced at 2 p.m. Wednesday.


Minnesota's Ron Gardenhire, who led his small-market Twins to 94 victories and an AL Central crown despite season-ending injuries to closer Joe Nathan and former MVP Justin Morneau, is a leading candidate, along with Tampa Bay's Joe Maddon, whose Rays had the league's best record.

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington could garner enough support to win, but, remember, the voting closes at the end of the season, so the Rangers' postseason run to the World Series won't be factored in by writers.

Boston's Terry Francona had a mess on his hands in Red Sox Nation, and yet his club still won 89 games, so that could inspire some voters to throw a third-place vote or two his way.

And then there is the Orioles' Buck Showalter, who took a team headed for its worst finish in franchise history and guided it to near-.600 baseball (34-23) in the season's final two months. It was impressive, but didn't last long enough to get him his third manager of the year award.

But will he get some votes, probably of the third-place variety? My guess is he will. Remember, the writers are asked to vote for their top three choices for manager. And I bet some leave Washington, or maybe even Maddon, off their ballots.

You watched the Showalter turnaround up close in August and September. Would you vote him in your top three for this year? Or would that be unfair given that the other worthy candidates had to complete a full season?

If Buck makes your top three, who comes off your ballot?

Daily Think Special: Should Buck Showalter finish in the top three for AL Manager of the Year?