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Exclusive: Rams Head Live to sell tickets on Facebook, among first venues nationwide to do so

Rams Head Live today started selling tickets on Facebook.

The service puts it ahead of Live Nation, the country's leading concert promoter that also runs Ticketmaster, the leading ticket seller.

Rams Head Group, which runs the Baltimore venue and five others in the area, and ShoWare by VisionOne, Inc., the e-commerce company that developed the Facebook app, also claim it is the first venue in the country to offer such a service.


Erin McNaboe, Rams Head Group vice president, said the service is a recognition of the growing importance of social media for promoters, ticket sellers, and artists.

"Social media has become a huge part of business," she said. "People aren't using it just for day to day interaction with friends, but to figure out where they're going on the weekend."


With this service, McNaboe said, Facebook users can see what concerts their friends are going to, and buy tickets accordingly.

The service, available on Rams Head Live's fan page under the tab "Buy Tickets," is open to anyone with a Facebook user name. 

It's not clear what effect this will have on business, but the decision to offer tickets on the social networking site rather than just online, or via telephone, suggests the company sees it as a growing market.

At the very least, the nearly 10,000 Facebook fans the venue already has won't have to leave the website to buy tickets anymore.

The concept of selling tickets on Facebook is a new one. It was just last month that ShoWare partnered with Sparkart, a California digital agency, to sell tour tickets for an upcoming tour on the social networking site.

None of the major ticket sellers or promoters - Stubhub, MissionTix, Ticketfly, California promoter Golden Voice, Ticketmaster (and its parents company, Live Nation) - offer such a service.

And it seems like other ticket sellers don't either, at least according to one expert at Pollstar, the concert industry trade magazine. "I've never heard of anything like this," the person said.

(The person was not authorized to speak on the record for the magazine; Gary Bongiovanni, editor in chief, was unavailable for comment).


McNaboe said Rams Head approached ShoWare to develop the app a month ago after the vendor and Sparkart partnered.

She said Rams Head Group intends on extending the service to its other venues.

Update 4:05 p.m.: Rams Head Group just released a press release.

"Is it better for the customer? It seems like it removes an extra step," Remesch said. "Will it drive sales or push them over another venue? In my humble opinion, I don't think so."

More updates to follow Monday. 

Photo: Rams Head Live Facebook