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Gardening from the couch: "Embroidered Ground: Revisiting the Garden"

My guess is, we will be seeing more of these: books about how aging baby boomers manage their gardens - a hobby meant for younger knees and backs.

I wrote this summer about Sydney Eddison's book, "Gardening for a Lifetime."

And now garden author Paige Dickey is set to publish "Embroidered Ground: Revisiting the Garden," in February.


She spent 30 years building the perfect garden and now finds that cutting back is what she must attempt.

New York Times garden writer Anne Raver, who lives and gardens in our own Carroll County, writes about the 70-year-old Ms. Dickey and 76-year-old husband as they work at cross purposes in their Salem, N.Y., garden: She wants to subtract, but he still wants to add.


Photo courtesy of Paige Dickey

"A husband is all very well," Ms. Dickey writes in her new book, "but a husband in the garden is a mixed blessing."

In addition, photographer Randy Harris has produced a beautiful slide show of the house and gardens.

Ms. Dickey's new book - she has written several about the garden -- is due out in February.