Anne Hathaway and James Franco represent the best of Hollywood’s next generation, but did anyone expect them to add Oscar host to their résumés?

After an initial raising-of-the-eyebrows at the official news that the duo will co-host the Academy Awards on Feb. 27, we have to say we’re excited. Not only are they unnaturally gorgeous and adored (yet still likable!), they’re a good deal younger than the usual Oscar hosts (the pair’s combined age — 61 — is still younger than last year’s co-host Steve Martin, 64).


But what will the telecast really be like? We have some predictions.



Every single girl we’ve ever met loves her some Franco. Behind the hotness factor, he’s sort-of rakish and bad boyish and seems as if he’d know locations of Secret Bars Only Cool Kids Go To. There have to be dudes who like Hathaway, too. Even after “Rachel Getting Married.” Judging by an message board post titled “Her extreme paleness is incredibly sexy,” she has a following.

Hathaway has pipes (and proved she can even carry a tune while being groped at the Oscar ceremony hosted by Hugh Jackman). Franco's singing abilities are a mystery, but doesn't it seem as if he's hiding some sort of Otis Redding-soul deep inside?

ARTSY ACTION: Franco not only played an artist named Franco on "General Hospital" (a character he should bring back for the ceremony), but he also is a published author. Maybe a poetry slam-off with Hathaway?

POT SMOKING: Both should consider riding the Pineapple Express to get through the always uber-long ceremony.

NUDITY: Hopefully. For both. We'll take partial. They seem down.

SELF-AMPUTATION: Hopefully not, but we give it a 20 percent chance.

Photo by Reuters.