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Contest #5 -- Houshmanzadeh, that's good blueberry pie!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeps!  -- everyone loves them, but they've known to be fragile

Sam Kochies -- other teams might be trying to share this recipe 

Here's my story in today's Taste section about the tailgating scene at M@T Bank Stadium. I was super impressed by the level of culinary arts I saw down there (not to mention the friendliness and general good spirits).


I didn't see much sweetness, though. Maybe an occasional cookie, or a stray blondie. I don't think there's even an official Ravens dessert. Can you believe it!?!!

In today's contest, you will give some dessert direction for tailgaters -- come up with the name and simple description of or claim for of a tailgating-appropriate Ravens dessert -- baked, composed, or otherwise.


Need a hand with this one -- check out the Ravens Insider blog.

Deadline is tonight at Midnight.

Baltimore Sun photo/Amy Davis