An open letter to Oprah Winfrey


You have a second, right? Can we get you anything — a sweet potato or a sweater cape, perhaps?

So you're in your last season of your talk show and we're beyond proud that you will start your own network, OWN, in January.

But we're a little concerned about your programming choices. So far they aren't our favorite things. A reality show about Naomi and Wynonna Judd? Another about Ryan and Tatum O'Neal? Carson Kressley doing his Carson Kressley Bluntly Wacky Flamboyant Routine? Ouch.

We expected you'd bring your friends along for the ride (Suze Orman, Dr. Phil and Gayle King — sort-of welcome! ), but you can do better.

Don't do everything that every other network is doing, O-Town. Try a scripted drama or a "Daily Show"-esque news show. So far your choices are cringe-worthy. A reality show about Shania Twain's heartbreak (boo-hoo)? The awfully titled cooking show "Big Bowl of Love." Gag. And don't make us mention Gayle again.

Here's the bottom line, O-Face. You've changed the world. You made us love books again and stuff. Your legacy should not include Naomi and/or Wynonna.


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