The Microsoft Phones: Here they come

Microsoft today unveiled a bunch of smartphones from different manufacturers that will operate on its Windows Phone 7 mobile platform.

This, my friends, is exciting news in the smartphone wars. Many of us are eager to see how Microsoft's smartphone platform stacks up against Apple's iPhone and Google's Android and RIM's BlackBerry. The showdown is coming.


The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft "unveiled seven handsets planned for its global launch. Marquee partner AT&T Inc. showed off three of the devices, the Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Focus, the LG Electronics Inc. Quantum, and the HTC Corp. Surround, which are priced at $199.99 with a two-year service contract. They will go on sale during the week of Nov. 8."

T-Mobile will also be launching a Windows Phone 7 device.

C-NET reports there are nine Windows Phone 7 devices that will hit the United States. CNET's article contrasts the iPhone, which is one device, to the Microsoft approach, which will offer a common software platform for multiple phones to use.

Microsoft's buzz phrase for the platform is "always delightful and wonderfully mine," which is meant to convey that it offers an environment that's "highly customizable yet uncluttered and stitched together with a common feel," according to CNET.

We'll see if Microsoft can pull it off.

At least one analyst quoted by the WSJ is skeptical: "We don't see any dazzle that would pull customers to the phone immediately," said Dazhi Chen, an analyst at Tribeca Insights. "By the first quarter of next year, it'll probably be forgotten."