Prediction Friday: Ravens-Patriots and World Series participants

Welcome to Prediction Friday. I am your host and bartender, who incidentally picked the exact score of last week's Ravens-Broncos game.

Hey, this is likely my last time to brag about that. I'll head back to the "haven't-got-a-clue" section of the bar pretty soon.


Here's hoping for Ravens' fans' sake that I don't have a clue. Because I am going with the New England Patriots to win this one at home.

I know these aren't the same Patriots as yesteryear. I know Randy Moss is in purple and Tom Brady is older and the Ravens proved in January they could win at Gillette Stadium.

I just don't like picking against Pats coach Bill Belichick when he has a bye week before a home game. That's a whole lot of preparation time for the Grumpy Genius. Of course, that won't matter if the Ravens' offensive line creates craters for Ray Rice to barge through.

But I think this will be a close one, and the Pats will end up winning 24-20. My player of the game is Brandon Tate, who catches a TD pass and runs a kickoff back for another score.

Now I need your predictions of a final score and player of the game. And for those of you who demand baseball in this space, well, you get a bonus. Predict who wins the American League and National League Championship Series.

I think the New York Yankees hammer the Texas Rangers and, though I believe the Philadelphia Phillies are the best team standing, I just don't see a repeat of 2009 (the same two teams have made consecutive World Series appearances just once since 1960: The Los Angeles Dodgers and Yankees in 1977-78).

So against my better judgment, I am saying the San Francisco Giants upset the Phillies. Hey, stranger things have happened (like me actually hitting a NFL score on the nose).

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