Hot dog! Our photo caption challenge winner

First and foremost, I want to thank all of my readers for kicking serious tail in our latest photo caption challenge. I received 50 or so submissions, and most importantly, a bunch of them made me chuckle. I might have even guffawed once or twice. I like the direction in which this contest is heading.

Here are five awesome captions for this photo -- snapped during the Ravens' 37-34 victory over the Bills -- that came up just short of victory:


"Abandoned by everyone she'd ever known, Chantel came to the realization that love was just another in the long list of lies perpetrated by the Oscar Meyer Corporation." -- Chris in Hawaii

"Phew, I should be safe from Big Ben in here." -- S


"Ok, you can stop drooling now Joey Chestnut." -- Spence

"Please tell me that Siragusa has already left the stadium!" -- mikepcfl

"Busy making ends "meat" in the offseason, Mustard misses her Oriole Park racing friends, Ketchup and Relish." AND "What a running back looks like to Terrence Cody." -- Todd (Heap) Schaefer

I'm making you click to find out who the top dog is, so look for our wiener winner after the jump.

I'd feel comfortable giving away the prize for any of the above captions -- and a few that I haven't even listed -- but I thought this one was the most clever:

"Wow, the Ravens cornerbacks look ridiculous today." -- Andrew

Congrats, Andrew. Email me at to claim your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. You guys rock.