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Running it back:


Ravens coach John Harbaugh said on Tuesday that tight end Todd Heap is "in good shape" after a hit from Brandon Meriweather on Sunday. An NFL exec called the hit "flagrant" and "egregious,"  but Meriweather was fined and not suspended. ... Harbaugh is weighing his options in the return game, and Lardarius Webb is a possibility. ... The Capitals lost to the Bruins. ... The Terps see Saturday's matchup against Boston College as a must-win game. ... The Rangers have the Yankees on the ropes in the ALCS, and the Giants lead the Phillies, 2-1, in the NLCS.

Hitting the links:

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You said it:

"i think its ridiculous to blame any part of the defense, other than greg mattison. we were playing great until we decided to shy away from what was working...blitzing. you show me a team in the nfl that gets pressure with 3 linemen rushing and everyone else in coverage. the secondary has held up well this year. the lack of sacks and turn overs can be accounted to mattison and his vanilla d. the 300yd passing games...vanilla d. we have the best football team in the nfl and no one to coach it." -- I got a lot of good feedback on my Tuesday column about the Ravens' vulnerable pass defense, and this comment from bmore was one of them. Good hustle, everyone.

Today's water cooler question (your response could be published in b):

Can the Yankees come back and beat the Rangers in the ALCS?

Video of the morning:

Ron Artest would be proud of this player-fan brawl [hat tip to Hot Clicks]

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