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Running it back:


The Ravens pounded the Broncos, 31-17, on Sunday. Ray Rice had a big game, and the Ravens' pass defense handled the Broncos' passing game. ... Derrick Mason said there is a "misconception" when it comes to the Ravens' wide receivers, but T.J. Houshmandzadeh said he regrets his "dumb" comments. ... Former Ravens receiver Mark Clayton, who was having a fine season with the Rams, is done for the rest of 2010 with a serious knee injury.

Hitting the links:


1. Mike Preston: The Ravens did what good teams do -- beat bad ones soundly [Baltimore Sun]

2. The Ravens are No. 1 on Peter King's "Fine Fifteen" [SI]

3. The Ravens put their "trust" in Ray Rice [ESPN]

4. Five things we learned from the Ravens' win over the Broncos [Ravens Insider]

5. SI's Don Banks said "it felt mostly like [Kyle] Orton was wracking up garbage-time yards" [SI]

6. The Ravens are "the best team in the NFL right now" [Yahoo!]

7. The Ravens' respectable secondary should make the rest of the AFC "shudder" [CBS Sports]

8. Josh Wilson made his kickoff return debut for the Ravens on Sunday [Ravens.com]

9. Orioles RF Nick Markakis faced high expectations and had an up-and-down year [Baltimore Sun]

10. New Maryland AD Kevin Anderson wants to put an end to profanity at games [Baltimore Sun]

11. Video: Mike Green's brouhaha with Ilya Kovalchuk [D.C. Sports Bog]

12. Caps rookie Marcus Johansson is adapting to the NHL's fast pace [Washington Post]


You said it:

"With the exception of an awful goaline series to start the game, the Ravens dominated. This one could have been very ugly..." -- CRZA sums up Sunday's game pretty well

Today's water cooler question (your response could be published in b):

Haloti Ngata in the goal-line package: Good dangerous or bad dangerous?

Video of the morning:

I will not be buying this toy for my two nieces this Christmas

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