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Bay Bridge: One of the scariest in the world?

Sure, people can get nervous crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It's fairly long, and the unobstructed views of beautiful bay vistas that are such an attraction to more adventurous drivers can cause palpitations among the bridge-phobic. But one of the scariest bridges in the world? Not even close.

Nonetheless, Travel + Leisure magazine puts it right there next to a bridge in China spanning a 1,500-foot deep gorge, footbridges made of rickety slats over roaring rivers, a bridge in Louisiana so long that drivers can't see land and one built directly on top of an earthquake fault in Alaska.

Their beef with the Bay Bridge: "Drivers are notoriously afraid of this bridge, as it’s subjected to frequent — and often violent — storms. And when the bad weather hits, forget about visibility: get to the middle of this five-mile-long bridge and you can barely see land."

Since when, exactly, is Maryland known for "frequent -- and often violent -- storms"?

What would be scary is if the state had been skimping on maintenance for the Bay Bridge, but it hasn't. In fact, the structure was reinforced and made sturdier in the wake of a fatal accident a few years ago in which a tractor trailer swerved to avoid another car and plunged into the bay. (Incidentally, an extremely rare, if not unprecedented, occurrence.)

But maybe Maryland drivers should be happy if the Bay Bridge gets a bad rap. Maybe then we won't have to wait so long to get across it on sunny summer weekends.

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