Baltimore Sun

and my weekend dining adventures

Tomorrow, I'll reveal the  dining destination that compelled me to cross the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge. Any guesses?

I wasn't expecting to be in Ocean City this weekend, and I was only there about three hours total. Enough time to proust on some Thrasher's french fries, fresh out of the peanut oil. They do taste different here. Had some Dumser's soft-serve, too, with the hardshell. It dripped everywhere. It always did.


Still, I think I'd give up French fries and ice cream for a month if there was a good pinball machine within a mile of my home. There are still about a dozen of them at Marty's Playland.

On the other hand, it's probably best to not have this thing withing 500 miles of me -- it's INSIDIOUS.

Baltimore Sun Staff/Jed Kirschbaum