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A wikipEATia for the Baltimore Running Festival


Get it? Wikip EAT ia?

The 10th Annual Baltimore Running Festival is this Saturday. The sponsors of this notably well-produced event provide this very thorough document about road closures, an hour-by-hour account of what to expect.


And of course, you should always think to turn to The Baltimore Sun's own Michael Dresser and his Getting There blog for the inside scoop on traffic matters.

Still, I think personal experience is the best instructor. So, go ahead and post here any advice, tips, and alerts you have for your fellow hungry people.


What did you learn last from past events about getting around? Did anyone miss a dinner reservation. I had an email from someone who was wondering about the 32nd Street Farmers Market in Waverly - what went down there last year?

Did someone find the perfect oasis, or stumble into serendipity?

So, let's wiki this thing!

Baltimore Sun Staff/Kenneth K. Lam