Where will Carmelo go?

Carmelo Anthony, Baltimore native and former Towson Catholic standout, has apparently informed the Denver Nuggets that he'd prefer to be traded to the Chicago Bulls or New York Knicks. That's according to Yahoo!

ESPN Chicago is reporting that the Bulls are already talking about a deal, one that might include former Florida star and the ever-photogenic Joakim Noah.


(Here's another funny picture of Noah, but not because of his outfit. That's fine. But can't a dude get a longer putter?)

So, let's take a look at this crossroads in young Mr. Anthony's career. He's 26 and will be a free agent after the year. He's obviously intent on being traded to a top-5 market, and understands that Miami already has enough superstar ego and Los Angeles has Kobe Bryant, meaning it has twice as much superstar ego as any town ever should.

I don't agree with what seems to be the prevailing thought out there that 'Melo doesn't have much leverage in this situation. It's true that Denver technically can shop him around for the best deal, whether that comes from the Knicks or the Clippers. And, of course, it's much more likely to come from the talent-rich Clippers than what must be as poorly managed a franchise as exists in all of sports (seriously, you can't win in NYC?) But why would the Clippers ever offer up, say, Eric Gordon, for Anthony when they know Anthony has no intention of staying?

Anyway, a fella by the name of Royce Young, writing for CBS, broke down his thoughts on when and where Anthony would be traded earlier this week. Worth a read.

Kelly Dwyer, scribing for Yahoo these days, has an interesting take on why Carmelo makes as much as the big three (Bryant, James, Wade) but isn't seen the same way. His analysis of where Anthony might end up is a bit dated at this point, though.

Our thoughts?

If the Bulls can get Anthony for Noah and parts, they'd be foolish not to. Noah's a fine role player and an interesting character. Carmelo is one of the best scorers in the NBA, even when he's not playing with the desire he needs to in the paint.

Yeah, the Heat will be difficult to beat. But Chicago becomes a much more difficult team to play against with Derrick Rose -- who is ready to be the go-to guy, a burden Melo has faltered under at times in the NBA -- Anthony and Carlos Boozer.

Now, your turn. What will happen with Anthony? What should happen? Feel free to share other Carmelo-related thoughts, as well.