Some various notes from Saturday's pregame with Buck Showalter.

As expected, Rick VandenHurk will make his first start for the Orioles on Sunday against the Jays. The Orioles informed him of that this morning. The only thing that could change that is if the Orioles were forced into an extremely long game today, and needed him to pitch deep into extra innings.


VandenHurk, 25, has made 32 starts in the majors, but all for the Florida Marlins from 2007-09. He's made eight major-league appearances this season, two with the Marlins and six with the Orioles, and all were out of the bullpen

"You just adjust to the situation you are in," VandenHurk said. "I was in the bullpen the last two months and you adjust to being in the bullpen. I am starting (Sunday), so I'll adjust my routine to starting (Sunday)."

Showalter said he wants to see how VandenHurk responds to the assignment, but it doesn't make or break his future with the organization.

"How he pitches tomorrow, is it going to be exactly what he is going to do the rest of his career? Of course not, necessarily," Showalter said. "But there are a lot of things that you look for. I think it's more you watch the hitters' reactions as much as you do what the statistics show you after the game."

So far he has been impressed with VandenHurk, who was acquired from the Marlins on July 31 for Will Ohman.

"He is a competitive man, he is in good shape, you can tell how hard he works," Showalter said. "He does a lot of things to give him a chance to do good stuff on the field. The only way to see if that carries over is to run him out there. He is out of options next year and I don't want to necessarily get fooled in September, but more importantly in March.

In other news, Jake Fox is making his seventh start of the season behind the plate Saturday, and Matt Wieters is sitting for the second consecutive game. On Friday, Fox was the DH, Craig Tatum caught and Wieters pinch-hit in the ninth, flying out to end the game.

Showalter said Wieters will catch Sunday, but he wants to keep giving opportunities to others as the season wanes.

"We've got nine or 10 games left, it might come a time in the offseason when we are trying to make calls where we wish we would have done it," Showalter said of starting Fox. "We also like our chances to win with him back there, too."

Also seeing action Saturday is Julio Lugo, who is starting at designated hitter for the first time this season. Lugo has started just two games overall in September due to recurring headaches. But he believes a pinched nerve was causing the pain, and is feeling better.