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Time for a garden makeover?

It is fall and, if you are like me, you are unhappy with your garden.

You have been working at it all summer and if you are not simply bored by it, you are frustrated that it didn't turn out as you has hoped.

And you forgot to plan for fall color. Again.


I am in the midst of a garden makeover - not the whole garden, just a corner - and my mind is a jumble of ideas and plants.

To the rescue? The Garden Designers Roundtable.


Each month, these generous folks take an aspect of garden design - one usually suggested by their readers - and they share their knowledge and their creativity with the rest of us. (Last month's topic was about inviting wildlife into your garden.)

This month's topic was about garden renovation and restoration. What gardeners call "editing" the garden.  You will be able to read all their comments at The Garden Designers Roundtable.  Just click on the links to the blogs of the contributors.

Check out their advice. It may help you focus on what you can reasonably accomplish in your garden this fall.