Baltimore Sun

Showalter on Josh Bell¿s lapses

Here's an interesting tidbit worth sharing from Buck Showalter's pre-game session Friday.

Showalter was asked about a strange development in Thursday's game that, honestly, had no bearing on the outcome. But it was noteworthy nonetheless.


In Thursday's third inning, Orioles rookie third baseman Josh Bell fielded a grounder by Boston Marco Scutaro and stepped on third for the inning's final out. Bell then continued to throw to first, surprising Ty Wigginton, who attempted to field and, subsequently, missed the bouncing, unnecessary throw.

It was the third time Bell has lost track of outs in the past month, and the manager made it a point to talk to the rookie about the continual mistake.


"It's more of a reaction thing, that he stepped on the bag," Showalter said. "But the game should never catch you by surprise and that's a concentration thing. You don't expect or tolerate (that) from anybody."

Showalter said the Orioles in the dugout were joking with Wigginton when he came into the dugout about the veteran's chance at the fourth out.

"(Wigginton) had a great answer: 'I couldn't tell if he touched the bag and plus I was heading towards the dugout anyway. I just happened to stop there and the next thing I know he was throwing,'" said Showalter, relaying the comments.

"With that being said, it ain't funny," Showalter said. "(Bell) was embarrassed about it. Not good."

Orioles' fans said they wanted a manager that would hold his players accountable when they make mistakes. Well, that's been happening so far.