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Shallow Thought Wednesday: Deep-flawed beer

Shallow Thought guru John Lindner fears deep-fried beer could lead to murder. I think the artery clogger might BE murder. Here's John. LV

My first reaction to the news that a man has invented a way to deep-fry beer was predictable: I clicked on the link out of an urge akin to morbid curiosity.
I like this quote from the inventor, Mark Zable: "Nobody has been able to fry a liquid before."*
Of course, his boast prompts the question: Had anyone tried?


One wonders how many envious Salieris are right now plotting Zable's greasy comeuppance.

Someone, somewhere (possibly Texas) is brooding over his deep-fryer, rubbing his hands together like a fly on a corndog, and thinking, "What next? What next? What next?"
* taken from the Telegraph article referenced in the Field and Stream article.
Yes, it looks like ravioli, but it's really deep-fried beer, encased in pretzel dough. Photo usurped from