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Richard Gorelick reviews brique

Richard Gorelick reviews brique in today's Sun.

Richard is very impressed by the food at the new Centreville restaurant. And here's what he had to say about the setting:

"It's just across from the pretty county courthouse, the state's oldest in continuous use. Its shady grounds look like the set for the kind of movie where Julia Roberts returns home and discovers what really matters."


Richard goes on to say:

"In that kind of movie, though, there is never a restaurant as sophisticated or as stimulating as Brique, which is capable of producing moments of ravishing pleasure over the course of an evening."


As an aside, I'm wondering if The Sun's copy desk had its way with what Richard wrote, or if the restaurant has come to its grammatical senses; in the review, "brique" is capitalized. Since for better or for worse (mostly worse), I live a copy desk-free existence here on the blog, I'm sticking with lower-case "brique."

As another aside, isn't that purslane in between those scallops?

Check out Richard's brique review here.

Seared diver scallops atop a cauliflower puree, micro greens, grapefruit vinaigrette with a dusting of a homemade curry mix at brique. Sun photos by Kim Hairston