Review: The Gaslight Anthem at Rams Head Live

On Tuesday night at Ram's Head, The Gaslight Anthem proved that there is still music out there that doesn't just consist of a dance beat, a repeating 3-chord progression and serious Auto-Tune.

This alternative band (vocalist Fallon, guitarist Alex Rosamilia, bassist Alex Levine and drummer Benny Horowitz) performed for a very packed Ram's Head  - a crowd that consisted of mostly 20-something rock fans (and a guy in a banana suit) - held the audience captive through the end.


From their initial entrance to the stage -- accompanied by Alien Ant Farm's Michael Jackson cover "Smooth Criminal" -- to their encore performance, the energy level in the room never wavered.

Gaslight didn't stop to play between every song to idly talk with the crowd, or to exchange private jokes amongst themselves. They just played right through. They're old school rock 'n' roll: a lead guitar backed by a stabilizing rhythm guitar; steady and intricate bass lines; and a consistent and heavy drum beat. Fallon has a raspy, classic rock voice, and Horowitz's drumming is a perfectly executed array of crashes.


And yet, songs like "Even Cowgirls Get Blues" and "Old White Lincoln" tell stories in the manner of  their influences, such as Tom Petty and Johnny Cash. During "Blue Jeans and White T Shirts," a dozen fans actually raised their lighters.

Other songs like "The Queen of Lower Chelsea," "Angry Johnny and the Radio," and "Film Noir" were more upbeat. The '59 Sound, their breakout single, had everyone jumping.

Gaslight is touring with their new album, "American Slang." The band concluded the hour-and-a- half-long set with a five-song encore of some of their older work.

Set list:

High Lonesome
The Patient Ferris Wheel
Diamond Church Street Choir
Old White Lincoln
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
The '59 Sound
Bring It On
Miles Davis and the Cool
Queen of Lower Chelsea
Stay Lucky
I'da Called You Woody, Joe
Angry Johnny and the Radio
Film Noir
Blue Jeans and White T Shirts
Great Expectations

Boomboxes and Dictionaries
Here's Looking at You Kid

- Michael Correlli

Michael Correlli is a first time contributor to Midnight Sun. He’s a mass communications junior at Towson University and writes for the student-run newspaper, The Towerlight. While at Bamboozle Music Festival, he almost got hit by Ke$ha’s golf cart. Almost.