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Potomac chef wins Mason Dixon Master Chef competition

Dennis Friedman, chef-owner of the French-Asian fusion restaurant Bezu in Potomac, won the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament this week.

Baltimore chefs took on their Washington counterparts in the weekly Iron Chef-style competition, which took place over four months at The Belvedere in Mount Vernon.

In the finals Monday night, Friedman went head-to-head with Kenneth Plante, executive chef of Red Star in Fells Point. Each prepared aq three-course meal. Here are the details from folks who put the competition on:

"Friedman showed off his skills with a crispy dorade with fresh made fettuccini, lemon soy beurre blanc (Italian/Asian fusions), venison, bacon veal jus with a cinnamon essence (Italian/French fusion) and pineapple and ricotta sushi brulee (Hawaiian regional/French fusion)."


"Plante took a different approach with his pan seared dorade with ginger risotto and Thai lemongrass broth (Thai/Italian), rack of venison Robert over whipped potato with Japanese plum sauce and pan pickled baby carrots (English/Japanese/German) and chipotle chocolate brownie, caramel and mojito chantilly (French/Mexican/Cuban)."

I'm told the judges had trouble picking a winner, with Friedman taking the title by just 0.32 points.


Friedman won a prize package that includes a trip to Las Vegas and a trip to Wisconsin o make cheese. Plante and both sous chefs received the cheese-making trip.

Dennis Friedman. Photo by Bezu