Legislative dust settling: changes in Senate

The morning after. Some, but not all, state General Assembly some winners have become clearer. But the big story is how close many of these races were -- just a handful of votes, in some cases. Here's what we know about the 47-member Senate.

As we reported last night, developer-backed teacher Bill Ferguson unseated longtime Sen. George Della in Baltimore's waterfront district.


A wave of delegates attempted to unseat senators in their party primaries. Because of the strong lean of the districts (or the fact that they have no other competitors), last night's winners in these races are often tantamount to Nov. 2 winners.

* Washington County Republican primary: Del. Chris Shank toppled Sen. Don Munson.


* Montomery County Democratic primary: Del. Roger Manno defeated Sen. Mike Lenett.

* Prince George's County Democratic primary: Del. Victor Ramirez is leading Sen. David Harrington, though AP has not called the race.

* In a Prince George's County Democratic primary too close to call, Del. Joanne Benson is leading Sen. Nathaniel Exum by about 500 votes.

* A Montgomery County Democratic primary too close to call has Sen. Nancy King ahead of Del. Saquib Ali by fewer than 300 votes.

* Another Montgomery County Democratic primary too close to call has Del. Karen Montgomery edging Sen. Rona Kramer by about 100 votes.

More close calls and interesting matchups:

* Baltimore County Sen. Norm Stone is leading newcomer Jordan Hadfield by about 500 votes in the Democratic primary with all but one precinct reporting.

* Sen. Joan Carter Conway defeated former city fire spokesman Hector Torres by 30 percentage points in a Baltimore Democratic primary race for her seat.


* Sen. Ed Reilly held onto the Republican nomination for his Anne Arundel Senate seat, despite a strong challenge by Del. James King.

* In another Montgomery County Democratic primary race speaker, Sen. Jennie Forehand is 300 votes ahead of challenger Cheryl Kagan.

* Del. J.B. Jennings defeated Al Redmer in the Republican primary for an open Baltimore County Senate seat.

* Joe Getty easily dismissed Dale Lusher in an open Senate seat straddling Carroll and Baltimore counties.