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Go green, buy vintage

Fall is upon us, and with it comes the obligation to closet summer clothing and unearth warmer things like sweaters, jackets, and scarves. For some, recycling the same wardrobe year after year is standard practice, while others will be inescapably tempted to wipe their slates clean with new attire. Many of us fall in between those two groups, but whatever your preference, remember that buying vintage (or thrift or consignment) is the greenest and often times most affordable alternative to buying new, and Baltimore is chock full of opportunities to do just that:

Snow Leopard Sweater by Catapult Vintage (left), Winter Boots by Vim Vigor Vintage (center), Leather Bomber Jacket by Old Baltimore Vintage (right).


Here is a sampling of places to consider, both online or brick and mortar:



Old Baltimore Vintage

Vim Vigor Vintage

Catapult Vintage

Eklectic Xplosion

Bluebell Vintage

Rabbit Whisker Vintage

Brick and mortar:

9th Life - 833 W. 36th Street


Killer Trash - 602 South Broadway

Vogue Revisited - 4002 Roland Avenue

Fashion Attic - 1926 Fleet Street

Value Village - 800 West North Avenue

Goodwill Industries - 3101 Greenmount Avenue, 859 E Fort Avenue

Minas Gallery and Boutique - 815 W. 36th Street


Share your favorite place(s) to shop vintage, used, thrift, consignment, etc. in the comments section below.