Tampa Bay's Matt Garza, who started Friday's 4-1 victory over the Orioles, had some interesting things to say to Tampa-area reporters this week. Getting beat up in Baltimore on July 20 – allowing seven runs, including four homers, in 6 1/3 innings – still smarted apparently.

So Garza vowed he'd pitch a whole lot better on Friday. Here were some of his comments: "They went back-to-back-to-back (with homers), and Luke Scott (hit two), so I'm going to make them feel really uncomfortable in the box," Garza said earlier this week. "So they know, this (stuff) doesn't happen. 'Don't get used to it.'


Another one: "I'm just going to go in there, hair on fire like I have been, and just go after them and say, 'Hey, you got me the first time. Well, I'm going to shove it down your throat this time.'"

And a final one: "They're a bunch of young guys, and they're just out there to make a mess of everything, which is fine," Garza said. "You expect that from them. But I owe them a lot of payback for the type of outing I had last time against them."

The Orioles read the quotes and, for the most part, kept quiet, hoping their bats would talk for them. They didn't.

Garza didn't "shove," but he got the win, allowing five hits, walking three and giving up one run in 5 2/3 innings.

This is what Garza said after the game:

"They did a good job tonight. When I said that, I never meant any disrespect to their guys; they're a great club. When I say they're young and they can cause a mess, more like playing a spoiler role, and they're capable of that."

He was asked afterward about his comment that he wanted to make the Orioles feel uncomfortable – which was taken as a veiled way of saying he would pitch inside and keep players off the plate. But after the game, he said that wasn't what he meant. Gamesmanship, he said, was his purpose. And it worked, he believes.

"That has nothing to do with going up and in and knocking guys down. That was a mental game right there, and I won it," he said. "They were so geared up to hit that fastball in that they totally forgot the other side of the plate. And you can notice that in the first at-bat with Markakis, where he was geared up to pull everything away, butt-out swings, just letting the bat hit. That was good for me because next time through they were like, am I staying out there, am I coming in?

"So they were uncomfortable. Task completed."