Apple announcement today: start your engines

A couple of times a year, it feels like race day. I'm talking about official Apple announcements, which attract us media types like Nascar fans to the Indy 500.

Apple is holding a media announcement today at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific, and many believe the company will be introducing some new iPod products and some new features to its iTunes service.


Also possibly on tap: a new set-top TV device, possibly called iTV, that will replace the Apple TV device and make more television content available on demand through iTunes.

I'll be following the announcement to see if there's any unexpected news, so stay tuned....

You can watch the announcement live here, but sadly, only if you're on some type of Apple/Mac device, i.e. computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad. Apple -- why do you have to be soooo difficult sometimes?

Live notes below:

* Jobs appears to great applause and cheers. Who are these people cheering for him? I hope it's not journalists.

* Jobs: "We've got some really cool stuff to show you this morning."

* Jobs boasting about second Apple store in Paris and second store in China (a 40-foot high glass cylinder.) Looks kinda cool. It's in Shanghai.

* A new Apple store in London, too. "beautiful old building that we've restored," Jobs said. It seems Apple doesn't shy away from opening its stores in old buildings that they spend time renovating. A pricey approach, but one that Apple can afford to take.

* [Oops.. stay tuned. my connection to the Apple video appears to have broken. Oh well....]

In the meantime, check out Engadget's live blog. They have a reporter at the scene.