'America's Got Talent': And the winner is ...

Here's Chris in KS with the report on tonight's AGT finale:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the finale of America's Got Talent! After three long months and too many auditions to count it's time to find out this year's winner! It looks like it's going to be two hours of acts from all sorts of performers, so let's get to it.

Starting off the show we have a duet from Prince Poppycock and Donna Summer singing Donna's song "Last Dance." They both have a beehive type hairdo going on and are joined by some ballet dancers. They get a standing ovation from the audience and the judges as well.

After the break we are treated to a performance by the cast of Love which is a Cirque du Soleil act that is set to Beatles music. The coolest part of this performance was watching a guy spin on his head for about 20 seconds, and I mean spinning really fast!


Up next is a duet with Michael Grimm and Jewel. Behind Sarah McLachlan, Jewel is probably the wife's second favorite singer, so she's really excited to see this performance! They start off with Michael Grimm on stage singing "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin. Midway through Jewel joins Michael on stage to help finish singing the song. It was really great song that fits both of their voices and they sang it really well.

Fighting Gravity is up next and will be performing with Lionel Richie. The wife says that whenever she thinks of Fighting Gravity she always thinks of Lionel Richie! Sounds like this show is tailored for the wife tonight! Lionel is singing his famous song "Dancing on the Ceiling" while the guys of Fighting Gravity are in a living room set and are doing their normal dancing and floating around and actually "dancing on the ceiling".

Before we go to the commercial break, Howie breaks in and reminds everyone about the wild ride Nick Cannon has had this season and we get to see a bunch of clips of Nick acting crazy and being part of people's acts, including my favorite clip of Nick singing "Up in My Studio" with Spongetta from the auditions. And they stop the clips and out on stage walk none other than Spongetta and Nick Cannon to give us an encore performance! I love singing this song at random times and driving the wife nuts! About half way through the song the rapper T-Pain comes out to help them finish the song. Sharon says that Jay Z and Alicia Keys should watch out!

Next up is a conglomeration of funny and bad auditions from the season, which leads us into the obligatory live performance from all the bad acts. They do a performance including a lot of singers and dancers set to the song "I Got A Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.

Up after the break is Jackie Evancho, who will be singing with her idol Sarah Brightman. They will be singing "Time To Say Goodbye". This is the same song that Jackie sang earlier in the competition. I have to admit, this was a truly amazing performance to watch. They get a rousing ovation from the audience when they are done, and I might have even had a few goosebumps…

The judges get a little more air time with some clips of all of the fights, and when the clips end we see Sharon sitting in-between the members of Future Funk who make fun of Howie and Piers a little bit. Which leads us right into the performance by David Copperfield, who appears on stage magically inside a box suspended by stage after his assistants went to extensive lengths to show us that he was not in there to begin with. He then goes into a trick where he lays down on a table that hides the side view of his body except for his head and feet, and proceeds to make his body "shrink" and look like it's about a foot long. Crazy!

Up next are the Goo Goo Dolls singing their hit song "Slide," and are followed up by a backstage look at last night's finals show.

And now up on stage are the top four and it's time to send someone packing. The first act out of the finals is Prince Poppycock! Piers said there has been a lot of controversy about his decision to X him last night, and said that he should have X'ed him 10 seconds sooner! He was kidding, and said he has enjoyed having him on this show and will definitely be watching to see what happens to him from here on out.

After the commercial, it's time to say goodbye to another act. This time it's Fighting Gravity! Sharon says that this is just the beginning for Fighting Gravity and they will have a lot of opportunities that stem from this show, and she tells them that if she doesn't have front row seats on their opening night in Vegas "that's it!", I think she's ready to fight them all!

And now it's time for Usher singing "DJ Got Us Fallin In Love" by Usher.

So it's all down to this. Michael Grimm vs Jackie Evancho. After all of these months of watching it's boiled down to these 4 minutes. Who would have thought with all of the really talented variety acts this season we would be down to two singers… Nick is ready to make us wait out the final two minutes in silence to announce that Michael Grimm is this year's winner! Nick asks him how he feels, and he can't believe that he beat the 10 year old little girl!

Well there you have it America, Michael Grimm is this year's big winner! It's been an honor writing the recaps of these shows for SKK, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so. I really can't believe who won, and am still sort of in shock about it. Personally I voted (on mine and the wife's phone) for Fighting Gravity. I thought that over the course of the season they were the most consistent with their performances. But as has been proven all along, what the heck does a guy sitting in his living room in Kansas really know about Talent? Thanks for reading!

(Many, many, many thanks to Chris in KS for taking on this behemoth of a show this season! You rock!)