So you've been suffering through this consistently disastrous Orioles' season trying to glean some positives.

Pretty much everything you can muster has to do with new manager Buck Showalter, since the team seems to be playing a whole lot more focused with him at the helm.


But you want something specific about the players, about the young guns who are supposed to brighten your baseball future.

Well, I've got one for you, courtesy of Thursday night's 4-0 victory over the Texas Rangers.

Brian Matusz threw arguably his best game of the year – eight shutout innings, allowing just five hits, one walk and striking out six.

It was even more impressive given that it came against the mighty Rangers' offense. And that the Rangers had absolutely bashed Matusz two other times this season – seven earned runs in 2 1/3 innings on May 20 in Texas and four earned runs in three innings on July 9.

But here's taking the positive one step further. After the game both Matusz and manager Buck Showalter heaped praise on catcher Matt Wieters.

"I worked really well with Wieters tonight," Matusz said.

OK, pitchers often compliment their catchers when they throw a good game. But Showalter also made a point of highlighting the way Matusz and Wieters worked together. And that, suffering Orioles' fans, is your positive nugget of the day.

"I thought Matt Wieters had a great game behind the plate," Showalter said. "They were in tune there. You could see the tempo they were working there. They were on the same page. It was almost like they knew where they were going. Keep in mind, too, these are two guys both of them under 24, 23 years old. That doesn't happen much. That bodes well for our future."